Skräddare? Vem är Frantz? Välkommen hem Till Frantz

Hotel Frantz


Between the cobblestone alleyways of Peder Myndes backe and Mariagränd, at the heart of the classic Slussen neighbourhood, you will find one of Stockholm’s oldest buildings. The distinguished history of this brick structure, which was built in 1647, dates back to the days of master tailor Frantz Bock.

Today, Hotel Frantz is a family-owned and newly renovated boutique hotel in which Frantz’s spirit lives on. The old has been preserved, while the vision for maintaining the legacy of Frantz’s home takes its influences from the outside world and the local environment.

The building reveals Frantz to have been a wealthy man, with a horse and two labourers, Lasse and Oloff. In 1674, the building was taken over by a new master tailor, Albrecht Möller. After Albrecht, Dutchman Peter Mynder bought the house in 1691, then setting up a tobacco spinning shop. In 1873, the Stockholm seamen’s home bought the venerable building, to run it as a hotel, which it has since continued to be.

We have now opened our doors on Peter Myndes backe. Here you will find our reception and our newly opened restaurant where we serve our hotel breakfast but also invite you to enjoy dinner or a drink at our bar.

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